Corporate Services

The Corporate Services team provides essential support services and promotes leading business practices that enable the management team to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency in the company’s relationship with all stakeholders (customers, management, employees, government and the community).?


Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)

The Proceeds of Crime Act, 2007 (POCA) and the associated Regulations impose duties and responsibilities on businesses in the regulated sector to prevent and detect money laundering activities.  The Real Estate Board (REB), which is the Regulatory body for the Real Estate Industry, now falls within the designated non-financial institutions (DNFI) under the Act, effective April 1, 2014 and has been designated the Competent Authority.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Jamaica is designated as a DNFI for the purposes of the ACT and Regulations.  A Nominated Officer has been appointed to ensure the implementation of the ACT and the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) programmes, policies, controls and reporting activities.

Registration (Strata Titles) Act

With the 2009 amendment to the Registration Strata Titles Act, the Commission of Strata Corporations (CSC) was established.  The functions of the CSC are monitoring, regulating, supervising and facilitating the resolution of disputes that may arise between a proprietor and a Strata Corporation.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Jamaica provides specialist services based on its institutional knowledge of the functions of the CSC and the Strata Titles Act and its Regulations and provides clients with expert guidance and services with respect to meeting their obligations. Our team will work with you to develop a clear understanding of the roles and obligations of relevant parties. We develop and implement bespoke programmes to ensure that clients are operating within the ambit of the relevant legislation and, if needed, can provide ongoing advice and support to ensure ongoing compliance.

Stakeholder Relationships

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Jamaica pays particular attention to its stakeholder relationships and rates its success in managing these relationships as crucial to its financial and operating performance, and staff wellbeing. We are members of industry related professional bodies and have developed a network of professionals and organisations that enable us to give insightful advice, provide timely service and make recommendations to our clients.

We are active members of Realtors Association of Jamaica 

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Jamaica recognises its role of being an active partner in community development and works to build relationships with its neighbours. We actively support a select number of charities, Labour Day activities and the Junior Octagon Optimist International Caribbean District service club.


We coordinate the delivery of strategic plans through the company’s governance structure by implementing and managing systems and procedures aimed at improving efficiency, effectiveness and our competitiveness.

Support Services

The team ensures that the underpinning systems necessary for smooth operation of all business units are in place enabling the efficient delivery of service to our clients. We have a robust programme that works to upgrade our in-house capabilities, in line with best practice, as we strive to provide excellent service at the best possible cost.